Culture Strategy Execution – The Sacred 3

Successful Team Performance requires a highly integrated and finely balanced combination of Culture, Strategy and Execution. They are the Sacred 3.

Culture – the sum of individual behaviour.  Specific behaviour will drive or stop success.  It starts with the Leadership team!

Strategy – Strategy is setting clearly defined goals, defining the specific actions to achieve the goals, and […]

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Leadership is like Addiction

Leadership is like Addiction. You have to admit you have a problem before you start to get better.

A few weeks ago we were fortunate to be given an email from an executive level manager in a company that we work with. It is one of the most remarkable examples of Leadership we have seen.

The edited […]

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Culture and Execution Blood Brothers

Company Culture impacts everything. It impacts behaviour, the actions people take daily, the way we communicate and how we treat each other.  It even influences the way people think and feel.  More than anything it has a direct impact on your ability to successfully execute strategy and improve performance.

Here’s why.

Culture defined.

Quite simply Culture is the […]

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Feedback The Mother of Improvement

If you manage, lead or coach a team – your fundamental purpose is the improvement of that team …and the individuals in it.  You cannot…repeat cannot…do this without giving feedback.

Feedback is the mother of all improvement. Without it people become stagnant, locked in the false world of their / our own opinion. Worse still, folks […]

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Discipline: The Foundation of Business Success

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

Jim Rohn

Without discipline the best you can expect is unfocused effort …at its worst…you have complete chaos.

When it comes to business performance, the word discipline is barely understood, largely rejected and yet, it is almost always the foundation of success.

Often, when we mention the […]

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