For most of the past decade XGAP have worked exclusively on one Business Challenge…The Execution of Strategy.

XGAP provides Workshops focused on Business Execution. There are three Workshops we provide:


      • Leadership Team Strategy to Execution Workshop

        Full Day

        A full day workshop with MD / GM and team focused on building an execution discipline inside their company / team. The starting point is clarification / confirmation / simplification of the company or team strategy. Each person then builds a one page “90-Day Contract”
        Cost: $7500

      • Sales Team Execution Workshop

        Half Day

        A half day workshop with a sales team. The sales strategy is broken down into the following simple components:
        Team Measures of Success
        5-6 High Priority Sales Initiatives
        Each Sales person writes a 90-Day Contract
        Cost: $6500

      • Oil and Gas Supervisors Workshop

        Full Day

        A full day workshop to teach supervisors how to engage their teams at start or end of a job (or shift) in a conversation focused on “How do we do this better?” This is commonly refferred to as the “Toolbox Talk” and “After Action Review” in the Oil and Gas Industry.
        Cost: On Application